Who are we?

Needs Callouts is a social Free Company within Final Fantasy XIV on the Adamantoise server. We offer a welcoming, mature, and respectful environment to all players of FFXIV. You will not find strict membership rules and requirements to stay within the Free Company here; members are encouraged to enjoy the entire spectrum of content within the game in the way that they enjoy most.

We offer weekly events such as mount farming and treasure map nights, always active Free Company buffs, grouped content running for leveling/glamor/achievements, and general socializing through the in-game Free Company chat and our Discord server.

What Members Are Saying!

Gonpachiro Kamaboko

"Love this FC. Can't think of any other FC where you can /slap the leader every single day and not get kicked out!"

Ryuuka Kaiser

"I ordered three popotoes, but the kitchen fantasia'd one into an Au Ra and it won't stop wearing my clothes. Also the wait staff refuse to wear pants, seems unsanitary."


Kanae Sumida

"I love logging in every day to get /slap'd by fellow FC members. Reminds me why I started this Free Company in the first place. Just like family here, including stealing other member's clothes."

Join Us Today!

All players are welcome to join our Free Company. Membership includes new players progressing through the main story, end game savage raiders, career crafters and gathers, and more casual social players.

If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy a game you already love, want to make more friends, or simply just a place to call home, get in touch with us today and submit an application.

How To Join