Free Company Leader & Officers

The Free Company Leader and Officers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Free Company including the day-to-day management, organizing and/or hosting events within the Free Company, assisting members with content within the game, and are actively involved with the social aspects of the Free Company.

The Free Company Leader and Officers are also responsible for ensuring that all rules and guidelines are followed to ensure a continued friendly and welcoming and enjoyable environment for all Free Company members.

Members are only eligible for an Officer position within the Free Company when a spot becomes available and must go through an application and interview process to be considered for the position.

Free Company Leader
Kanae Sumida

Free Company Officers
Muggy Bear
Lailah Ornate
Gonpachiro Kamaboko

Member Ranks


This is the base rank for any new member that joins the Free Company. Recruits will have basic access to things within the Free Company, such as the Chocobo Stable and FC Buffs. Recruits will remain in this rank for a probationary period. This is to give us time to get to know you better and gauge overall participation within the Free Company. Moving out of this rank is based on a couple of factors, most importantly of which is participation within the Free Company through events, running content, and/or social chat. After the probationary period, members are moved out of the Recruit rank and into the Adventurer rank.


This is the basic rank for all members of the Free Company that have gone through the Recruit probationary period. Members of this rank are given wider access to Free Company amenities such as the Free Company Chest. Once this rank is achieved, members will retain this rank unless requirements for an auxiliary rank is met and the member wishes to be moved to one.

On Vacation

This rank is reserved for those members that are going to be away from the game for an extended period of time. We understand that everyone has a real life and things come up, or that you simply may need an extended break from the game for any reason. Just let us know that you’ll be taking a break and we’ll move you into this rank. Members that are in this rank are excluded from being purged from the Free Company if the number of inactive days exceeds 180 days.

Auxillary Ranks

Auxillary ranks are those that are special title versions of other member ranks. They do no generally come with any extra privileges or FC access, unless otherwise stated.


Mentors is an auxillary rank for the Legends Rank. These are players that enjoy teaching other players all content, including extreme trails and savage raiding. This requires mentors to be knowledgeable about all jobs, including crafting and gathering. Mentors are expected to be active players within the game and to actively participate in helping other and teaching content. Members wishing to be given them Mentor rank must first qualify for the Legend rank and have also achieved the mentor status in-game.


Legend is an auxillary rank to the Adventurer rank. In order to be moved into the Legend rank, a member must have first achieved maximum level with all jobs, including crafters and gatherers.


Champion is an auxillary rank to the Adventurer rank. In order to be moved into the Champion rank, a member must have first achieved maximum level with one healer, one dps, and one tank job.


This is an auxillary rank to the Adventurer rank. Members of this rank are those that enjoy the crafting, and to an extent gathering, side of the game. They can help you with any of your crafting needs. In order for a member to be moved into the Omnicrafter rank, they must have all crafting and gathering jobs at maximum level. Omnicrafters also have additional access to the Free Company Workshop

Temporary Ranks

Temporary ranks are those that are granted to a Free Company member temporarily in order for them to accomplish some task. These ranks do come with additional privileges, but only those that are specific to the task at hand.

House Decorator

House Decorator is a temporary rank that grants access to decorating within the Free Company house.

Workshop Craft

Workshop Craft is a temporary rank that grants access to the Free Company workshop.