Free Company Rules & Guidelines

Last Edited: 05/08/2021

Our Free Company strives to allow members to enjoy the game and Free Company in whatever way they find the most enjoyable. We do not impose requirements on skill or cumulative playtime. Above all, we ask that members are respectful to each other and help provide a welcoming environment to all.

With that said, the rules below have been created to help ensure we remain a friendly, welcoming, and mature Free Company.

Free Company Conduct and Behavior

The following rules apply to all members of the Free Company regardless of rank, and within all communication channels, including in-game chat, Discord text and voice, website, and social media channels.

  • Free Company members should be respectful of each other in all communication channels.
  • Harassment of other players such as insulting, name calling, or generally being rude, will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, conversations or sensitive subjects which could make others feel uncomfortable or offended such as topics of a sexual nature, religious and/or political views, skill level and/or performance within game, etc.
  • Racism, bigotry, name shaming, sexual harassment, witch hunting, and doxing, or ganging up towards another Free Company member, another player of the game, or another human being will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate removal from the Free Company and all channels of communication.
  • Any content that could be reasonably judged as NSFW should not be posted in any communication channel with the exception of the #no-one-shit-posts-like-gaston Discord channel. This includes, but is not limited too, profile images, nicknames, text, links, images, videos, audio, emojis, reactions, etc. Where available, Officers will remove any images or content which can be reasonably judged as NSFW.
  • Do not spam communication channels or other members, either via in-game /tell’s or direct messages on Discord or social media platforms with unsolicited spam or advertising. This may result in an immediate ban.
  • Please do not advertise any services or sales from yourself or other players in any communication channels. If you offer some form of service within the game that other players can take advantage of, such as house decorating, please use platforms such as Party Finder, for this, as long as it does not breach the official FFXIV EULA.
  • Please do not advertise any fundraising or charities, whether recognized or for individual benefit.
  • Gil selling, botting, and/or cheating is strictly prohibited. All members have a responsibility to report this information to an officer or the Free Company leader for further investigation. Any member found in violation of this after investigating will be immediately removed from the Free Company and not permitted to be invited back for any reason.
  • All disagreements between Free Company members should be discussed and resolved privately outside of the public communication channels.
  • If members are unable to resolve disputes with each other privately, the discussion should only then be brought to an officer’s attention.
  • If a member decides to leave the Free Company, they are not required to inform any member, officer, or the leader of the Free Company. Feedback is appreciated in these cases if it is something we can do better as a Free Company.
  • Rage quitting the Free Company is not acceptable for any reason and may lead to you not being permitted to rejoin the Free Company in the future.

Free Company Chest

The following rules and guidelines apply to the use of the Free Company chest within the game.

  • Removing an item from the Free Company chest should be done in moderation and strictly only for personal use or need. Items removed from the Free Company chest by members should not be done so for selling or trading to a non-free company member.
  • You may not request that an item in the Free Company chest be reserved. Items that are available for any member to withdraw are first come, first serve.
  • All members have permission to donate Gil to the Free Company chest.
  • Gil donations are only used for FC expenses, events, and/or housing upgrades.
  • The Free Company Leader and Officers are the only members with permission to remove Gil from the Free Company Chest..
  • No loans will be given to any member using Gil from the Free Company Chest.
  • Please do not clean or organize the Free Company chest.
  • The Free Company Leader and/or Officers may occasionally remove items from the Free Company chest that are low value, or junk items, in order to free up space. Items removed in this fashion will be sold either through the Market Board or venders and all profits donated back into the Free Company Chest.
  • Storage of personal items in the Free Company chest is prohibited. Please use your retainers and Chocobo Saddlebag for this.
  • Page 1 of the Free Company chest is reserved for items involved with the Airship and Submersible ventures and are only accessible to the Free Company Leader and Officers.
  • Page 2 of the Free Company chest is reserved for high value items that are available to Free Company members that have achieved at minimum the Adventurer rank. These can only be removed by the Free Company leader or Officers by request.
  • Pages 3 through 5 of the Free Company chest can be used freely by any member to place or withdraw an item that they wish to share or donate for other members to use. While these pages are open for all members to use, there is a basic structure to what pages contain what items.
    • Page 3 generally contains materia and food for end game content
    • Page 4 generally contains crafting mats
    • Page 5 generally contains miscellaneous items such as minions, mounts, bardings, housing items, and fireworks.

Free Company Buffs

The following rules apply to the usage of the Free Company buffs.

  • The Free Company Buff rotation is determined by all members of the Free Company during specified voting periods.
  • The Free Company Leader and Officers will do their best to ensure that Free Company buffs are always active, however this is subject to availability in game and cannot be guaranteed.
  • Temporary changes to the current Free Company buffs can be requested by any member and can only be performed by the Free Company Leader and Officers.
  • The Free Company Leader or Officers may activate certain buffs during seasonal events in game, such as the MGP buff during the Golden Saucer event.

Live Streaming and Recording

The following rules are for when members are live streaming and/or recording content.

  • Before live streaming and/or recording of any event, please inform all participants of the group that you will be doing so. If anyone in the group objects, then live streaming and/or recording is not permitted.
  • Before live streaming and/or recording of any event that includes voice chat and/or video, such as webcam, of another participant, please inform all participants that you will be including it. If anyone participating objects to having their voice and/or video included, then all efforts must be made to exclude it from the live stream and/or recording. If this is not possible, then live streaming and/or recording is not permitted.
  • Free Company chat in-game as well as discord channel text conversations must not be visible during live streaming and/or recording.
  • Party chat may be visible only if all members of the party have given permission.

Free Company Membership

The following rules apply for membership within the Free Company.

  • All new members to the Free Company are placed initially in the Recruit rank for a probationary period. During this time, new members are observed on their behavior within the Free Company.
  • After a period of time (typically two weeks) Recruit rank members will be moved up to Adventurer rank given that they have not caused any issues or conflicts among members or within the Free Company.
  • Alt characters of Free Company members are allowed to join the Free Company so long as the alt is an active played character.
  • Members that are inactive for a minimum of 180 days may be removed from the Free Company, unless they have informed the Free Company Leader or an Officer beforehand that they will be on an extended break from the game.