Joining The Free Company In Game

When logged into the game, there are a few ways to join the Free Company. The easiest way would be to use the in-game Player Search and search for any Free Company member. When you have located one, you can right-click on their name (square button on Playstation controller), and choose View Company Info, the click the Submit Application button.

An alternative method is to come visit our estate, located in The Mist, Ward 11, Plot 30. Once at the estate, you can click the placard, then click the small search icon button to display the Free Company info. From there, you can click the Submit Application button as usual.

Send A Message On Discord

If you are unable to reach us in-game to join the Free Company, you can alternativly send a message on Discord to our Free Company Leader at Dartvalince#4601.

Community Finder Page

We also have a Community Finder page on the official Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone. You can also reach us here and leave a comment on the page. The Free Company Leader or one of the Officers will then get in contact with you in game as soon as possible.